What if you could have a glimpse of the richness of the faces that you might come across in your life? And even many others?


Every day, everywhere we go, we meet new faces. They can be from the corner of the street, from different parts of our own country, different regions of the world. They can be the result of a mixture of different backgrounds, of different colors. Your faces and their faces are mixed, giving personality and uniqueness to your city. They define the identity of your neighborhood.


The faces we meet in our lifetime surprise us, intrigue us, leave us indifferent, attract us, inspire us. The miracle is that there are now more than 7 billion on the planet, all different, all unique, and we would need more than two lives to see them all.

Until now, Humans have never had such a displacement capacity on the planet. These movements have an influence on the faces of one city and its inhabitants.


The ambition of "Faces" is to capture the faces of different cities here and personify these cities, humanize them, give them lines and colors. "Faces" wants to capture smiling faces, closed ones, crazy ones, and so many others. The goal is to have a snapshot of the human identity of a city at a certain point in time.







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